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Filmmaker with an analytical mind.
Southern Californian, Hawaiian by association.
Laid-back workaholic and all-around nerd.

Welcome to my world, where the job gets done
and the planet keeps doing that spinny thing it likes to do.

Todd Margolis

Filmatic Festival – Todd Margolis

Keita Funakawa and I sat down with Todd Margolis to talk about his piece in the 2015 Filmatic Festival. He created a very emotional virtual reality experience with the Oculus Rift, talking about memory in relation to the Holocaust. Read more →

Unofficial Cardboard

Filmatic Festival – Unofficial Cardboard

I shot and edited this video for ArtPower! at UCSD. We partnered with Unofficial Cardboard to give away virtual reality headsets to promote our second annual Filmatic Festival and had a ton of fun – students were able to ride a roller coaster, fight off zombies and take their minds off midterms for a little while. And I had a… Read more →

Demo Reel Featured Image

February 2015 Demo Reel

A collection of some of my latest work –¬†cinematography, visual effects, color grading, the whole nine yards. Music: “Night Owl” by Broke For Free Read more →